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This USB key is perfect to store your freestyle.  It has a beautiful branded leather strap to protect the end of the drive which snaps closed with a high strength magnet and the chrome finish is as tactile as it is smart.  We wanted a USB solution that was high end in its look and feel and also one that offered super fast performance to ensure swift and reliable playback.


Eachone comes in a presentation tin that is just the right size to put your BD licensing stickers on the back and inside the lid to comply with PRS regulations.

We also include a dog tag key ring with each USB for you to write your name and level on what it arrives.


Please include the exactly music you want included on your key - according to the proposed competition guidelines, at present we are only able to load each USB key with one piece of music - should you wish to change this at home and swap and change different arrangments that is absolutely fine and your perogative.

Eqidance USB key

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