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  • Is this just for British Dressage? What if we dont live in the UK?
    Great question - the floorplan we have provided is in accordance with British Dressage compulsory elements however...there is no reason that you cant modify for other governing bodies - you can use these anywhere in the world - affiliated or unaffiliated, online or even just practicing at home
  • What levels do you cater for?
    Currently we have UK Prelim and Novice level starter packs available If you are interested in an Intro level test please email us and let us know so we can gauge the level of demand
  • How do I get started with a ready made music freestyle?
    Easy! Order the level, style of music and horse type best suited to you and then download instantly when prompted. The download button appears as soon as payment is made - you will also be emailed a link, however you should not need to use this ​
  • Do I need my own floor plan?
    Nope - We have already designed a floorpan to work with these music arrangements but you can absolutely change elements of that at your own discretion when you receive the pack
  • Can you design the floor plan for me?
    We do not offer a bespoke design service for the Freestyle starter packs. If you want something designed specifically for you then head over to our bespoke arrangement page - our floorpans start at £40 and bespoke music arrangements from only £129
  • What do I do after I get my download?
    Download the files on to your phone or computer and EXTRACT them from the zip file - you should only need to go into your phone files and click on the file - its very easy. You need to take a look at the video of the test and music, read the floorpan and learn it. Included in the pack is a detailed run down of how best to ride your music and how to 'fire fight' when things dont go as planned - which can be often in dressage haha! It also tells you how to licence the music if you are riding with British Dressage
  • Do I get CDs?
    It depends which pack you choose. The download pack is simply that - it has everything you need including a WAV file to download and burn your own CD. We appreciate that not everyone has the capacity to do this so we also have a download +CDs pack which costs an extra £20 but includes printed, personalised CDs and the postage.
  • Can I compete with this music?
    Absolutely - we include all the info you need to licence your music with your governing body
  • Can I change the songs on the arrangement?
    Im afraid not. We only offer this service for our bespoke arrangements which are available from
  • How long does it take to put it together?
    Unlike a bespoke arrangement - this is ready immediately. We have already spent hours doing the work so all you have to do is buy, download and off you go!
  • Awesome - I love it! Now what?
    Go out and enjoy it - all of the information you need to do this is included with the pack so please read it carefully
  • Im worried everyone will have the same music as me
    Dont worry - there is always a chance that even a bespoke arrangement can meet its 'almost twin' - We have done to best to select music for these freestyles that we haven't used regularly or music that is particularly 'on trend' and currently popular. thats not to say it isn't brilliant - it is - but we have been careful with what we have chosen. Additionally, our clients are spread across the entire country so the whilst there is that chance when you buy a ready made freestyle - this is designed to get you started and to be affordable but without sacrificing quality and flair and you should enjoy it.
  • Ive got a new horse - can I use my old music and floor plan and still get decent scores?
    There is no rule against it - if it works then go for it
  • Can you do Freestyle Starter Packs at higher levels?
    Unlikely - We feel the majority of people who try a starter pack will then want to progress into a bespoke arrangement as nothing fits as well as one that has been made specifically for you
  • Is this as good as a bespoke arrangement?
    Almost - but nothing fits like a bespoke.....its like a tailor made suit! Having said that, practice it, learn it and ride the music and there is no reason that it can't be just as much fun and fit really well - you dont have to stick to the floorplan that we have provided - you can go full 'FREESTYLE' and make up your own.
  • Can I cancel my order? My circumstances have changed
    In accordance with consumer law - We do not accept cancelations or refunds for any reason on any digital products. Should any file be corrupt during the downloading process please email me at and I can find an alternative way to send your pack
  • What types of horses are your arrangements based on?
    Horse Type A is a 15.3 warmblood mare Her arrangements would suit horses with paces in these ranges Trot: 140-155 bpm Canter: 95-105 bpm Horse Type B is a Cob type gelding His Arrangements would suit horses with paces from Trot: 155-170 bpm Canter: 100-110 bpm
  • What music styles do you offer?
    Currently we have: Type A horse: 80's, Epic, Pop, Swing, Orchestral Type B Horse: 80's, Orchestral, Pop, Swing, Pop Saxophone
  • Can I swap songs between sections?
    No, sorry. We offer this service with one of our bespoke arrangements from
  • How do i find out what my horses paces are so i know what to order?
    Firstly you need to find out the Beats per minute (bpm) for each gait. Download either Tap that Tempo for Apple or Tap Tempo for Android. Get someone to tap along or video yourself and tap it out. Please dont try it whilst riding When you have the bpm for trot and canter then choose either horse type A or B that best suits your own paces. Simples. We would suggest taking an average and not just doing it once.
  • Why should I listen to music while I ride?
    Considerable research has been and continues to be conducted looking at how auditory channels affect sporting performance. sounds can improve skill. Understanding what music makes you feel energetic or relaxed or anxious even and can have a profound effect on how you feedback to your horse. If anyone would like some more information on the scientific literature please contact Mrs. Equidance
  • What is it and do I need one?
    Its simply a USB drive for your music - you can also buy these in tescos or PC world - they function in exactly the same way but ours are sexier and preloaded with your music should you purchase them alongside one of our music products
  • Do all venues accept USB or MP3?
    No - but they should and we continue to lobby for this to be the standard format for freestyle music rather than CD
  • What is it?
    The equiblast is the best wrist speaker that we could find on the market that offered not only decent sound quality but that was also good value for money. You wear it whilst you ride and either practice your freestyle music or perhaps have one of our training packs preloaded? We can also send you an sd card if you already have one and just want to buy a new piece of music
  • How loud is it?
    Loud enough for Mrs. Equidance to still hear it during very heavy wind whilst riding ontop of the Mendips :-D
  • Does it take batteries?
    No. The Equidance is charged using a micro usb charger (supplied)
  • Will it effect my riding?
    The equiblast is not heavy. Additionally, the change in 'feel' can augment your training by increasing proprioceptive awareness of your hands - you may find it easier to keep them still if you struggle with this.
  • Will my horse tolerate it?
    Our experience is yes - we have not had a simgle rider yet say that their horse objected. Infact may say it helped with focus and the horse was less reactive to external stimuli. However - we always recommend habituating your horse to a new stimulus so please switch it on and allow the horse to get used to it before switching it on whilst riding - this saves any issues with horses who may be sensitive and/or reactive to novel stimuli. Equidance will not be held responsible for ANY incident arising from the use of an equiblast wrist speaker.
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