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Powered by Equidance - Our arrangements are World Class, inventive, inspirational and fun!

This arrangement is Novice level and designed for a type A horse (See our FAQ)


The music style is Pop style and includes:

Montero, Billy Eilish and Sia in this selection.

Designed to get you started in the art of freestyle, this pack is skillfully edited and sounds fabulous.

The floorplan may need some minor adjusting adjusting to fit your horse but info on this is included in the starter pack.  You can also make up your own freestyle should you prefer

You will receive:
PDF pamphlet, introduction videos, your example floorplan video with the music, music record form and licencing information, MP3 file of your music, even a £20 Equidance discount voucher towards a bespoke arrangement should you chose to upgrade at a later time.

A pair of CDs are EXTRA - this is a download pack and icludes a file to burn your own if you want CDs please chose our £69 freestyle starter pack. You can also chose one of our amazing wrist speakers, the "Equiblast" or our branded mp3 memory stick should you require. 

Novice Pop - Horse B - Freestyle starter Pack

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